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Psychometric testing involves using standardised tests to measure various abilities or characteristics in a child. Common abilities/characteristics include cognitive skills (e.g. verbal reasoning, visual-spatial skills, fluid reasoning, working memory, processing speed), academic skills (e.g. listening comprehension, oral expression, reading, maths, written expression) and attention/concentration.

What is psychometric testing

What we offer

We offer four main assessment types for children and adolescents.​





Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Child Hand With Wooden Toy Plate Numbers
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In providing quality assessments, we are committed to:​

  • Taking the time to understand young people and what is going on for them

  • Ensuring that the testing process is comprehensive and individually-tailored

  • Creating a warm and friendly environment to help put the young person at ease during testing

  • Taking the time to discuss the results with parents/caregivers in a clear and comprehensive manner

  • Providing a comprehensive report containing individually-tailored recommendations for school and home

Psychometric Testing

The process

The exact process of testing varies depending on the reason for referral; however, here is the general process: 


Initial Assessment

The first step involves meeting with a clinician to discuss the reason for referral and what you would like to get out of testing. Your clinician will also gather a comprehensive history. The initial assessment is imperative in ensuring that the appropriate tests are administered, the findings are interpreted appropriately, and the recommendations are individually-tailored.

Duration: 1 - 1.5 hours


Face-to-face testing

Your child is then administered a series of standardised tests. Testing is typically completed over multiple appointments to maximise alertness. The duration of testing varies depending on the number of tests required and child-specific factors such as motivation, alertness, concentration etc. 

Duration: 1-4 hours


Online Questionnaires

Depending on the purpose of testing, parents and teachers are sometimes required to complete one or more online questionnaires. Your clinician will let you know whether this step is required.

Duration: 10-15 minutes per questionnaire


FEEDback Session

Once testing is complete, it typically takes 3 weeks for your clinician to score and prepare your report. Your clinician will then meet with you to discuss the results and recommendations. Your report will contain a detailed overview of the results and individually-tailored recommendations. 


Duration: 1-1.5 hours

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