Fees & Rebates


The Australian Psychological Society (APS) recommends standard consultation fees for psychologists. The current recommended fee for a standard psychological consultation of 45-60 minutes is $267.00. Our fees are below this guideline.

Please find below our standard fee schedule:

Registered Psychologist Fees

registered psych fees .png

Clinical Psychologist Fees

clin psych fees.png

​Please note that letters and other requested paperwork completed outside appointments may attract an additional fee based on the time spent completing these. Phone consultations occurring outside of an appointment may also incur an additional fee. Your treating psychologist will inform you about any additional fees where applicable. If you have any questions or queries, please get in touch with our admin team. 


Fees for psychometric testing (e.g., cognitive assessments, educational assessments, ADHD assessments) and Autism Assessments vary depending on a number of factors. To obtain a quote, please contact our admin team to discuss your situation.

Claiming Rebates



With a valid doctor's referral (obtained from a GP, psychiatrist, or paediatrician), you are entitled to claim a partial Medicare rebate for up to 20 sessions per calendar year (see table above for rebate amounts). Please note that you are responsible for providing us with current and valid referrals. If you are unclear if your referral is current, please check with our admin team. Due to high volume of clients, we are unable to track referral expiry dates for clients and their families. In some instances, Medicare may reject the automated rebate request, in which case you will need to process your rebates with Medicare directly as we are unable to query your Medicare account on your behalf.


Private Health

If you are with a private health fund, you may be able to claim rebates for your appointments depending on your policy. Please contact your provider for more information. NB: you cannot claim from Medicare and private health concurrently.


NDIS Funding

If you have NDIS funding, you are able to claim for our services if your plan is either self-managed or managed through a "plan manager". We are not a registered NDIS provider and therefore cannot support plans that are NDIS managed. Please note that annual NDIS progress reports are billed at our standard consultation rates. 



If you need to cancel or change an appointment, we ask that you provide at least 48 hours' notice. Failure to provide adequate notice (or non-attendance) will result in a cancellation fee of $100, which is payable before your next appointment. Please note that this fee does not attract any Medicare entitlements. In the case of genuine illness or misadventure, please contact our admin team.